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A conference for Bristol technologists on 15/10/15

A one day conference for developers of all persuasions.
Three streams of quality speakers sharing the latest thinking across languages, tools and platforms.


Quality Speakers

Bristech organises an established monthly series of valuable talks.

Speakers are sourced from and for the Bristol technologist community.

all technologists welcome

Be ye PHP gurus, C# devs, Haskell researchers or Arduino hobbyists.

We cover interesting tech topics, with a commitment to high quality.

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from round 'ere

Bristol is the UK’s most exciting tech hub outside of London.

Come and take part in our new conference on 15/10/15.


Adam Butler

Full-stack Developer, Simpleweb

Sam Davies

iOS & Android dev

Joe Leech

UX Freelancer

Colin Eberhardt

Head of Technology, Scott Logic

Ashley Nolan

Senior UI Engineer, JUST EAT

Chris Price

Software Engineer, Scott Logic

Tim Perry

Technical Lead, Softwire

Scott Alexander-Bown

Lead Developer, Intohand

Andrew Nesbitt

Freelance Software Developer

Emma Prest

General Manager, DataKind UK

Joe Nash

Developer Advocate, Braintree

Roja Buck

Head of Technology, JUST EAT

Matt Heath

Engineer, Mondo

Phil Trelford

Developer, SimCorp

David Simons

Techincal Lead, Softwire

Matt Bates

Co-Founder, Jetstack

Roger Shepherd

Founder & Consultant, Chipless

Mike Elsmore

Developer Advocate, Cloudant


With our speakers confirmed, the #bristech 2015 conference programme is now available.



Polyglot (pŏl′ē-glŏt′) – A person able to code, debug and swear in several computer languages
[French polyglotte, from Greek poluglōttos : polu-, poly- + glōtta, tongue, language.]

Tech-curious (tĕk-kyo͝or′ē-əs) – Eager to discover, explore and learn modern software development skills
[Greek tekhnologiā, systematic treatment of an art or craft : tekhnē, skill; -logiā, -logy.]
[Middle English, from Old French curios, from Latin cūriōsus, careful, inquisitive, from cūra, care]

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